Paula ( Kelly) Campbell-Taylor Owner

Yes, I took my husband’s full last name of Campbell-Taylor when I married him some 30 years ago. My maiden name is Kelly so for the past 30 years I’ve been explaining that Campbell is NOT my maiden name.  Life is strange and one thing I’ve learned is to NEVER SAY NEVER.

Job Description-any position that needs to be done at that moment.

What do you do outside of work? We have raised our 2 boys on this ranch while building the Graveyard business. I am a lucky girl to do what I do. It’s crazy to think over delicious wine I have met the most amazing people across this country that have inspired me, motivated me and become my dearest friends.  I’ve never had so much fun working so hard. In my free time I sleep, eat, spend time with Rob Campbell-Taylor, my husband and partner in this big adventure of ours. Another great thing I get to do is shop! I am always on the lookout for fun different items in our tasting rooms, both in Texas and California, so give me an excuse to window shop and I am all over it.

MY FAVORITE VISUAL is seeing children on the dock fishing with their families picnicking here, live music playing and people enjoying our wine and their day here at Graveyard Vineyards.

Favorite Graveyard Wine I am very moody when it comes to that. I can go from a crispy white like Grüner Veltliner or Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah, always Mortal Zin, SCREAM, Quatre Cuvee and then there’s Deliverance  in a glass, a cocktail, as a martini or over ice cream.

Robert (Rob) Campbell-Taylor Owner

We came to Paso Robles not specifically looking to get into the wine business. We were just looking for a place in the country to raise our kids. Paula found the property that was advertised for having “big water”, a huge deal in Paso Robles. When we drove past the little Pleasant Valley Cemetery up to the property she said, “Oh it has a grape vineyard too”, and the rest is history.

Job Description-Mechanical Engineer (Day Job) – (All other times) Vineyard Worker, Grape/Wine Hauler, Fixing Stuff and Trying Not to Break Other Stuff.

What do you do outside of work? Since we moved to Paso Robles in 2003 almost all the time away from my engineering work has been to help Paula build the winery. It was just us two and the boys for the first few years. We never said no to a tasting opportunity to build the brand and we hauled wine everywhere. Now we have a little more time and it has allowed us to travel a bit still mostly wine related. Looking forward to getting back into golf someday.

MY FAVORITE VISUAL I get the most enjoyment being part of a huge effort where there are lots of people working to complete a big project. It could be bottling for two days straight with our wine crew, harvesting a block grape at night with a bunch of vineyard workers with their headlamps on, or watching a huge tractor ripping the ground preparing for a new vineyard. Always striving to improve.

Favorite Graveyard Wine I am partial to Quatre Cuvee at the moment. More delicate than a lot of our bigger Reds, this wine has 4 of the 5 Bordeaux varietals that blend to make my current favorite. What makes it special to me is the name was created with a group of friends while sitting around on the front porch drinking wine after a wonderful day.