Our Name

Graveyard Vineyards sits atop a picturesque hill on Estrella Road, above the historic Pleasant Valley Cemetery.  This landmark began back in the 1860’s, when the surrounding area of land was the town of Estrella and the original landowner donated an acre of his property for the new First Presbyterian Church. Once the church was built, the landowner’s wife passed away and was buried next to the church, creating the “graveyard”. Many town’s people followed suit until the church burnt down in 1896. Neither the town of Estrella nor the church lasted, but the little graveyard continues on to this day. It is now named The Pleasant Valley Cemetery and is cared for by community volunteers just as in the 1800’s.

Our Beginnings

Owners, Rob and Paula Campbell-Taylor, bought the beautiful hilltop property in 2003 when the Cabernet and Syrah vineyards were in their seventh leaf. Raising their two sons in an enriched country environment was foremost on their minds along with producing excellent quality grapes to sell to local wineries. Selling grapes however, lasted only one year. In 2004, they bonded as a winery and set their sights on bottling their own wines. The first bottling in 2006 was 184 cases. 

The early tastings were on the front porch of the house with events being held on the front lawn.

Our Transformation

After Rob and Paula’s young boys finished raising 4-H animals, the original barn was torn down and the winery was built in 2011. The building still resembles a barn with big 16- pane red barn doors. On the back side of the winery is the crush pad where the grapes from harvest are brought in, fermented, pressed then aged in oak barrels in the chandeliered barrel room. This room also provides a perfect setting for Winemaker Dinners and intimate events.

The tasting room and surrounding area has gone through a wonderful transformation, with all efforts designed to provide the ultimate wine hospitality experience. Our outdoor seating area has breath taking views and when the wisteria is in bloom, a heavenly aroma.